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SURJ SAN MATEO is a group of people who organize, mobilize and educate white folks and other folks with privilege for racial justice in San Mateo County.


We are part of a multiracial movement and the SURJ National Network with over 175 chapters across the country.


We work with accountability partners led by people of color to show up in the ways they request and are supporting issues such as environmental justice, housing justice, immigration rights and
reimagining public safety.

Read more about what SURJ San Mateo has done in our community in the Advocate Newsletter.


SURJ San Mateo in Action


Educational Opportunities

California Reparations Report

CA Reparations Study.jpg

The California Reparations Report was issued to the state Legislature in June of 2023. The final report surveys the ongoing and compounding harms experienced by African Americans as a result of slavery and its lingering effects on American society today. SURJ San Mateo fully supports proposals for comprehensive statewide reparations for African Americans.

We’re sharing the entire report and its Executive Summary so that you can pass it on to your friends, family and social media and help educate the public. The ACLU has created a Gold Chains website with more information, including a video called “The Case For Reparations.”

Sign Petition

Port Chicago 50.jpg

On July 17, 1944, a cargo vessel exploded at the Port Chicago Naval Magazine in San Francisco. 320 sailors, 202 of whom were African American, were killed in the explosion. Fifty of the sailors, now known as the Port Chicago 50, were threatened with death-by-firing-squad if they did not return to loading explosives, but they resisted. They faced a court martial and were convicted of mutiny. Today, the collective actions of the brave sailors are now widely recognized as one of the catalysts of the modern civil rights movement. 

Decades after the trial, the Navy publicly released records revealing hazardous working conditions that violated federal safety laws and regulations, and the sailors should not have been punished for refusing unlawful orders. After nearly 80 years, it's long past time for them to restore honor and justice to the legacies of the brave sailors through full exoneration. We support the exoneration of the Port Chicago 50!

Teach Children

Raise a Generation Brave About Race.jpg

EmbraceRace has many resources for talking to children about racial injustice. One such resource is their conversation with three child and family psychologists who collaborated to write the children’s book, “Something Happened in Our Town: A Child’s Story About Racial Injustice.” Published by the American Psychological Association, the book follows a white family and a black family as they discuss a police shooting of a Black man. The book includes many resources for parents and educators including child-friendly definitions, sample dialogues, and discussion guides.

Celebrate Asian American Cultures

AANHPI Heritage Month.jpg

A record 20 million Asian Americans trace their roots to more than 20 countries in East and Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent, each with unique cultures, languages and other characteristics. Explore the rich history, traditions and arts of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders on Community Foundation of San Carlos’ website. They also have a comprehensive list of Asian-owned businesses to shop locally.

Anti-Harassment Training

Right To Be Logo.jpg
Taking Care of Yourself.jpg

Anti-Asian American and xenophobic harassment have been on the rise across the U.S. In these one-hour interactive workshops, co-sponsored by Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAJC) and Right To Be, you’ll learn methodology for responding to harassment by (1) trusting your instincts, (2) reclaiming your space, and (3) practicing resilience. They also offer Bystander Intervention Training for various real-life situations.

SURJ Bay Area

SURJ Bay Area Logo.jpg

Second and Fourth
Fridays @ 12:00 PM

Want to take tangible steps to end racial injustice and white supremacy? Join a SURJ Action Hour! SURJ Bay Area Action Hours meet over Zoom to take concrete steps like calling elected officials, signing petitions, etc. Sessions are offered on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month.

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